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We are an entertainment masked group from Bergamo called “ The Masks of Rataplam”.

 This group was born officially in 1992 when Mrs Ancilla Cornali, advised by a friend, began making masks for her children.

 Unexpectedly she liked this activity so much that she decided to ask a group of her friends to form a folkloric association.

 During the years a lot of new persons joined the association, they are all stimulated and interested in the fun that only a group of this kind can give.

 Nowadays the main activity of the group is the participation in parades and entertainment in squares or theatres.

 Our performances aim at making children feel at home and making their parents feel like children again.

 Throughout the years we have multiplied our creations and among our numerous activities we can even boast a public performance which represents the story of traditional masks from Bergamo such as: Gioppino and his family, Arlecchino and Brighella.

 They are not only performances on someone’s behalf but even mere amusing experiences ; for this reason we have been invited to several Carnivals and popular feasts in our town, our province and a lot of Italian cities too.

About twenty people act in our group and with some of their friends they wear masks and dress up in costumes creating involving performances.

At the beginning of our career we drew inspiration from the beauty and originality of the Venetian style but during the years we worked out our own distinguishing style. Insead of using rich materials and embroideries we use common and fanciful materials such as: bottle caps, buttons, handkerchiefs, ties, coins, paper ribbons, scarves etc. This waste material becomes the thread and needle used by “ The masks of Rataplam” that proposes new masks every year.

 We have a lot costumes which represent several themes: the four seasons, butterflies, gardens etc. They cheer up all the people in the Italian streets where we have parades and above all they show their origin from Bergamo.

 If you liked, we would be glad to be your guests, we could join parades with our numerous masks in your streets or show our performance in one your squares or theatres.

 The philosophy of our group?